Parking & Transportation

MCU Shuttle Bus


Driving and parking regulations

All students and employees operating vehicles are responsible for reading and adhering to the current Marymount California University parking and driving regulations.

  • All motor vehicles (automobiles, motorcycles and motorized scooters) must be registered online immediately following registration or employment.
  • There is a parking permit fee of $60 annually or $45 per semester for students.
  • Each vehicle registered must have a separate permit.
  • Students may not transfer parking permits to other vehicles or to other students.
  • Lost permits or duplicates can be purchased at a cost of $10 at the Business Office. A form must be obtained from Campus Safety in OS231 prior to purchase.
  • Permanent parking permits (decals) on automobiles must be affixed fully in the lower right (passenger side) corner using their adhesive backing. Mirror tags for employees must be placed on the rearview mirror only while parked on campus or at the Villas with the permit number facing outside the vehicle.
  • Temporary parking permits must be acquired for any vehicle being used on campus on a temporary basis. Temporary permits are issued free of charge and may be obtained from Campus Safety in OS231. You also may contact from your school email and request that a PDF version be sent to you. The parking manager may limit the number of temporary permits issued to a person or vehicle.
  • Individuals who knowingly acquire, use or display a parking permit inconsistent with their current status are engaging in fraudulent behavior. They will be referred to the Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students and charged $60 for an additional permit.

All vehicles parked on the Oceanview or The Villas campuses must display a valid MCU parking permit. Villas residents must display a resident sticker and/or an MCU permit on their vehicles.

The first three weeks of the fall semester are considered a “grace period,” giving students time to register for a parking permit. No citations will be issued for “failure to display” during this “grace period.” However, citations may still be issued for other violations. Any parking-related questions should be directed to

Register for your permit

Paying attention to the parking rules and limits can save you time, frustration and money. Please do not park in the following areas:

  • Short-term parking for longer than the posted maximum time limit — e.g., Bookstore.
  • “Faculty/Staff” spaces unless you are a faculty/staff member — e.g., Cecilia lot and the employee lot behind the Commons.
  • “Visitor Parking” spaces. Current students should not park in these areas.
  • “Handicapped Parking” spaces unless the driver or passenger has a state-issued permit.
  • On a roadway or in a red zone.
  • Spots marked “No Parking Anytime” or “Parking by Special Permit Only.”
  • In driveways, beside landscaped islands or on lawns or walkways.
  • On San Ramon Drive, the residential neighborhood adjacent to the northeastern side of campus. Parking here is only available to residents who have permits. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department strictly enforces the law, and violators may face a large fine or have their vehicles towed.

It is your responsibility to inform Campus Safety immediately if your vehicle develops a mechanical issue. For liability reasons, we will not jump-start or unlock your vehicle; however, we can direct you to local sources for aid.

The driving regulations and requirements of the California Motor Vehicle Code apply to all driving on campus.

  • The posted speed limit on campus is 5 mph unless otherwise posted.
  • Drivers must STOP at stop signs and YIELD at yield signs.
  • Pedestrians in designated crosswalks have the right of way at all times.
  • A traffic violation may be emailed to the registered owner of a vehicle if a driving infraction is observed by Campus Safety and attempting to make contact with the driver might jeopardize the safety of others.
  • Traffic accidents occurring on campus must be reported to Campus Safety, and traffic accidents involving personal injury also will be reported to the police and the Student Affairs office.

The following fines will be levied for these offenses at the rate indicated:

Parking in a handicapped space without a permit$150
Parking in a reserved/faculty/visitor only space$65
Parking in a special permit only space$75
Parking in an electric vehicle only space$50
Parking in a hybrid only space$50
Parking in a other resident driveway$55
Parking in a red or emergency access zone$75
Parking in a bus stop or loading zone$75
Parking or operating a vehicle in an off-road area$75
Improper parking$65
Dangerous or reckless vehicle operation$200
Failure to obey a traffic sign$150
Failure to display a parking permit$60
Failure to display an MCU resident parking permit$35
Speeding or speed unsafe for conditions$200
Blocking a driveway (ADA compliance)$55
Failure to obey directions of a campus official$50
Illegal activity, such as smoking or drinking in vehicle$50
Community courtesy violation$60
Community conditional use permit$65

The cost to the institution for determining the user of a vehicle without a current parking permit may be assessed to the user as an additional charge.


  • Fines are payable online or in the Campus Safety office in OS 231.
  • Fines not paid within 90 calendar days of the violation will result in the doubling of the fine amount and possible suspension of parking privileges.
  • There is a discount on some citations if paid within 10 days of the violation.

Rights and responsibilities

All violations issued to a vehicle shall be the responsibility of the registered owner.

Marymount California University:

  • Assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles driven or parked on any Marymount property or their contents.
  • Reserves the right to remove unlawfully parked or inoperative vehicles left for extended periods of time at the owner’s expense. Vehicles without current license plates or without a current Marymount parking permit also are subject to impound.
  • Reserves the right to immobilize or impound a vehicle at the owner’s expense when the vehicle has been repeatedly in violation of parking regulations or whenever warranted by immediate circumstances.


  • Appeals must be submitted within 21 days of the violation.
  • The appeal must be submitted online. It will be directed to the appeals board, a confidential group consisting of current students, faculty and staff. If the board determines that a violation was written in error, the parking manager will revoke or reduce the violation. All appeals are reviewed for merit. The appellant will be notified via email of the board’s ruling. All rulings are final.
  • If left unpaid, the citations will double after 60 days.

Fines for appeals which are denied or altered will be placed on the student’s account, making him or her unable to request transcripts or graduation gowns. This will not affect the students’ ability to register for classes.

Repeated violations

Repeated citations for similar offenses will result in a percentage increase on all subsequent citations.


Campus shuttle service

Marymount California University offers free shuttle service for all enrolled students, faculty and staff between the school and the Villas. Shuttles run hourly throughout the day, concurrent with scheduled classes.

See shuttle schedule

Scheduled shuttle site stops:

  • Oceanview campus: Traffic circle
  • The Villas: Corner of USS New Jersey and USS Antietam

Passengers may request to be dropped off and picked up along the routes. Please discuss directly with the driver.

Safe Rides

Safe Rides is a university-funded program that operates 24 hours a day to bring any student back to the Villas. The area of coverage includes the Beach Cities and Long Beach within a 15-mile limit. It does not include any airports.

To make a reservation, call the Villas Guard House at (310) 241-5488 or (310) 803-7472 to set up a taxi ride. There is no charge when using this program, and it is handled with discretion.

Other transportation options

The cities of San Pedro (DASH), Palos Verdes (PV Transit) and Los Angeles (MTA) operate several commuter bus lines that transport passengers to areas in and around San Pedro and the greater Los Angeles area. Public options may be used to connect with the Marymount transportation system. Pick-up along the route must be coordinated in advance and be in accordance with the scheduled route times. Please make arrangements with Marymount’s manager of transportation should you require a pick-up at one of the public bus stops along the Marymount shuttle route throughout the semester.

Palos Verdes Transit
DASH San Pedro and commuter express buses
Los Angeles Metro bus service

Private carriers are often used by students and families for trips to and from the airport. Marymount does not provide an airport shuttle and does not specifically endorse any of the following providers. These names and numbers are provided as a courtesy only.

Primetime Shuttle
Reservations: (800) 733-8267

Super Shuttle
Reservations: (800) 258-3826

South Bay Yellow Cab
Reservations: (800) 924-TAXI

Campus Safety

Oceanview Campus
Security Phone: (310) 303-7300
Receptionist: (310) 377-5501 or “0”
Health Center: (310) 303-7244

The Villas
Guard House Phone: (310) 241-5488
Safe Rides: (310) 241-5488
Security Cell Phone: (310) 803-7472