Students from Marymount California Class of 2021


You did it! Congratulations to the Classes of 2021 and 2020

Virtual Ceremony
May 7, 2021

MCU started the commencement celebrations with a virtual ceremony on Friday, featuring pre-recorded video messages from President Brian Marcotte, Provost Ariane Schauer, Dean of Students Ryan Alcantara, Faculty Senate President David Draper, Educator of the Year and Librarian Jose Rincon, and Sister Antoine-Marie Baurier. A special congratulations to the 2021 valedictorian Carmen Zavala and 2020 valedictorian Landry Armstrong!

Watch replay


Watch a slide show of seniors in their regalia

Traditional Ceremony (in person)
May 8, 2021

MCU celebrated the Class of 2021 and 2020 with an in-person prayer service and commencement ceremony. Father Paolo Garcia delivered a prayer service followed by an invocation from Sister Antoine-Marie Baurier, the presentation of student life awards by Vice President of Student Affairs Ryan Alcantara, the reading of candidate names by Provost Ariane Schauer and conferral of degrees by President Brian Marcotte.

Snapshots of the ceremony

Kasandra Norian, MCU Grad of the week


Esprit Award & Legacy Award

Kasey Norian

Post-graduation resources

All Marymount California University graduates automatically become part of the MCU Alumni Association. There is no membership fee to join, and enrollment is automatic upon graduation. MCU alumni enjoy free lifetime access to career planning resources to help you find a job, polish your resume and networking skills, or connect with employers and professionals in your field. 

Be sure to keep your contact information up-to-date and stay connected through Mariner Career Connect or reach out to us at We want to hear how you’re doing so we can celebrate your professional successes and invite you back to campus for alumni reunions, networking and other special university events. We also hope you will join us for opportunities to share your happy memories and success stories with prospective students and families, and donors, and perhaps volunteer as a mentor. 


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