Student Conduct

Community Standards and Commitment to Values and Civility

In order to provide a positive educational environment where individual and institutional rights and responsibilities merge to encourage the holistic development of each member of the community, Marymount California University has a number of policies and procedures that present to students, staff and faculty values and expectations of this institution.

Each member of the university community is expected to adhere fully to the policies established by the university — that is, not only to comply with the letter of the various regulations, but also to act positively to comply with the spirit of these policies.

Consistent with these values, the student conduct system and the student code of conduct have been created. They serve to establish and clarify standards of behavior essential to the university’s educational mission and community life.

Marymount California University strives to realize a holistic campus environment of common purpose, caring, acceptance, inclusiveness, responsibility and service that is the heart of the community. The student code of conduct outlined in The Anchor provides a framework for student behavior and responsibility.

Once a student is accepted to MCU through the admissions process, they are considered a student and are subject to the student code of conduct and all MCU policies and procedures. This includes all students on all campuses, including, but not limited to the Oceanview Campus, The Villas residential campus and off-campus university-sponsored events.

All the policies in The Anchor are subject to change and students should consult the website for the latest policies. These regulations are designed to give students general notice of prohibited conduct and should be read and interpreted broadly, as they are not designed to define the misconduct in exhaustive terms. Each student is expected to be fully aware of the student code of conduct and all published policies, rules and regulations.

Students are expected and required to obey the law, to comply with the policies of Marymount California University and directives issued by an administrative official in the course of his or her authorized duties. Students are responsible for complying with the student code of conduct and for representing the university in a positive manner. This expectation includes off-campus conduct that is likely to have an adverse effect on the university or on the educational process. The student code of conduct shall apply to a student’s conduct even if the student withdraws from school while a disciplinary matter is pending.

Law enforcement jurisdictions

Oceanview Campus

LA County Sheriffs (Lomita Station)

(310) 539-1661

The Villas

Los Angeles Police Dept. (Harbor Division)

(310) 726-7700

Office of Student Affairs
(310) 303-7200

Campus location
Cecilia Hall 209