COPE Health Scholars Program Presents Internship Opportunities for MCU Science Students

On October 16th, the Vice President of COPE Health Solutions, Elizabeth DuBois, visited campus and presented to students in six different science classes about the internship opportunities with the COPE Health Scholars Program. The program is an incredible opportunity for undergraduate students to have direct experience and interaction with patients and

MCU Committed to Expand Transfer Pathway

Marymount California University will commit to guaranteeing admission for ADT students who apply, as well as accepting a minimum of 60 units transferred, and assure these students start at MCU with a junior standing. Click to learn more.

MCU Faculty Team to Participate in Seminar on Science Pedagogy

Professors John Alexander, Silvana Constantinescu, Kevin Barnese and Monica Westley will learn to implement new methods based on the research findings of Stanford University professor of physics and Nobel laureate Carl E. Wieman. Click to read the article.