Chris “Mateo” Mitchell, Grad of the Week

Chris “Mateo” Mitchell, Grad of the Week

Meet graduating senior Mateo Mitchell! Read his profile and then connect with him on Linkedin.

What is your major?

Liberal Arts of Business Management

What are your plans after graduation? Your hopes for after graduation?

I would like to use my business experience to put energy back into reviving Performing Arts Programs and reignite public interest in exploring and finding talent. There are so many gems of talent and talented people hidden in the pools of marginalized urban America, and I would like to lead an effort to change that with a team of like-minded individuals.

What have you been involved in while at MCU?

Ductus Exemplo
Marymount Pride
Library Assistant
Drama Club

What is your favorite memory of MCU?

Freshman Orientation. Everything I experience at MCU takes me back to the person I was then. Seeing the change is inspiring for me.

What advice do you have for other students?

Be Confident. Be Original. Be Different.
I moved on through school with a strong sense of who I was, what I wanted, where I wanted to go, and where I wanted to see myself. I like to think that wherever I am in life and whatever skills I have now, are right for me.

What was your favorite experience at MCU?

Taking English classes.

Your favorite faculty member and your favorite class at MCU?

There are so many great faculty it’s unfair to pick. My favorite class so far has got to be Intro to Catholic Thought