Grad of the Week: Angel Delara

Angel Delara

MCU is pleased to shine a light on a few of our students who are members of the Class of 2021 and are candidates for graduation for Fall 2020.

What is your degree?
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts

What are your plans and hopes for after graduation?
After graduation I plan to earn a Master of Public Administration.

What have you been involved in while at MCU?
I have been involved in Marymount Student Government Association for the past three years where I have served as a senator.

What is your favorite memory of MCU?
Spending time with my friends and also going to campus events.

What advice do you have for other students?
Be passionate in what you believe and never give up on your hopes and dreams.

What was your favorite experience at MCU?
Being able to go to events at the Villas and meeting other students from different grade levels.

What was your favorite class at MCU?
One of my favorite class was Professor Greg Levonian’s English class.

Who inspired you at MCU and why?
Every professor I had for all of my classes played a role in my success because they have all contributed toward getting me to the finish line.