Grad of the Week: Emily Phoeuth

Emily Phoeuth

MCU is pleased to spotlight soon-to-be graduates from the Class of 2022.

What is your major?
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Graduate School Path

What are your plans after graduation?
I am taking off a semester to explore some of my other interests. I’d really like to be a contestant on the Price is Right or Let’s Make A Deal. I will continue on to pursue my master’s to become a licensed marriage & family therapist.

What have you been involved in while at MCU?
I am a student worker for the Office of Student Life (shoutout to Jeremy Booker and the other deskies), and I have been an Orientation Leader for the last two semesters. I was also part of the student panel for MCU’s Open House Fall 2021 and even helped plant the Monarch butterfly garden overlooking the ocean during my first semester here at MCU. I have been a member of the Black Student Union, LGBTQ+ Club, and more recently, the Asian Pacific Islander Student Association (APISA), Latinos Unidos and New Beginnings.

What is your favorite memory of MCU?
I can’t choose just one! All of the faculty members and my peers have made my experience at MCU so memorable. However, I like that working for Student Life gives me the opportunity to create unforgettable experiences for everyone including myself.

What advice do you have for other students?
Do not work more than you live. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Challenge yourself every day to talk to someone new and try something new. MCU has various programs which facilitate socialization.

What was your favorite class at MCU and why?
Every class I’ve taken opened me up to whole new perspectives. I credit all the professors I have had up to this point for building me into a better person.

Who inspired you at MCU and why?
I cannot choose any person in particular because every peer or faculty member I have spoken to has shared beautiful stories with me to keep me motivated. I always feel supported by faculty and peers. Everyone at MCU takes care of one another.