Grad of the Week: Michaela Kelly

Machaela Kelly

MCU is pleased to spotlight soon-to-be graduates from the Class of 2022.

What is your major?
Bachelor of Science in Biology

What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation, I am taking the MCAT and will apply to Osteopathic Medical School.

What have you been involved in while at MCU?
I am a softball player here at MCU and am also a part of Vita Society for biology majors.

What is your favorite memory of MCU?
Anytime playing softball with my team!

What advice do you have for other students?
Whatever you do, don’t give up! No matter how hard things may seem at the moment, they will always get better, so keep on!

What was your favorite experience at MCU?
Being on the softball team!

What was your favorite class at MCU and why?
General Biology 3 was definitely my favorite because it had a lot to do with the environment and botany, which was really fun to learn about. I also had a really great professor.

Who inspired you at MCU and why?
Dr. Anderson, my General Biology 3 professor. She always radiated such passion for what she was teaching, and it made learning fun and easy. She would also always encourage me to follow wherever my heart was leading me and do what makes me happy. Dr. Constantinescu as well. She really pushed me to perform my best in the classroom, not only to better my future but to better me as a person as well. I suppose all of my biology professors inspire me.