Grad of the Week: Naja James

Naja James

MCU is pleased to shine a light on a few of our students who are members of the Class of 2021 and are candidates for graduation for Fall 2020.

What is your degree?
Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies

What are your plans and hopes for after graduation?
I plan to work in the entertainment sector in social media branding/marketing and/or continue working in public safety specifically with probation.

What have you been involved in while at MCU?
I have worked as a full time Campus Safety staff member for 9 years. I love the field of public safety and working to help with the development of MCU students.

What is your favorite memory of MCU?
Halloween Party at the Villas back in 2015.

What advice do you have for other students?
Register for elective classes early so you can discover what you enjoy in the field your studying. Never give up your educational goals and look into internships early on.

What was your favorite experience at MCU?
Film festival held by Arts & Media dept. in 2018. Mayan Cultural events held at Oceanview Campus.

What was your favorite class at MCU and why?  
Professor Blue ‘s digital media course. I got to experience Virtual Reality (VR) for the second time and it was a great experience

Who inspired you at MCU and why?
Everyone has inspired me at MCU from faculty and staff. Personally, Sister Antoine has inspired and encouraged me to complete my degree from the first day I met her.