Graduate of the Week – Hermen Cabrera

Hermen Cabrera Graduate of the Week image

We are thrilled to share our first Grad of the Week for 2019 – Hermen Cabrera.  See his responses to 2 thought-provoking questions:

What advice do you have for current students?

Get involved! Take advantage of the opportunities provided by engaging in clubs, events, and informed discussions. Your time here will pass faster than you anticipate and before you know it graduation is around the corner. As Father Boyle said during his talk in Fall 2018, “It is not so much what one takes with them when they leave, but what one leaves behind.” Also, it is very important to stay on top of your studies so that you can participate in as much as possible. What is going  to be your legacy?

Who is your favorite faculty member & what was your favorite class at MCU?

Sister Antoine because as my advisor she went above and beyond to make sure I was always on track to graduate. She has been tough, yet very loving and nurturing, as a mother would. She has taken the time to know me personally, and when my dad was extremely since in ICU, she sent a card to my family with her warm prayers. My favorite class would have to be Contemplative Practices and Mental Health with Dr. Doyle. I loved this class because it allowed me to be open to other religious practices without holding any bias opinions.

We wish you all the success in the world, Hermen!