On Campus Plus

Kings Education at Marymount

The On Campus Plus, Undergraduate Preparation Program, High School Completion Program and Graduate Preparation Program were all developed by Marymount in partnership with Kings Education, an experienced provider of university preparation programs and English language courses for international students in the USA.

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Kings Education

On Campus Plus

On Campus Plus is a unique program designed to help international students adapt to life in the USA more easily and succeed in their studies.

Students enroll in American degree programs and – from day one of their freshman year – they attend the same classes as their American colleagues.

For the first two years of their studies, students are taught additional classes to strengthen their English and to aid them in living on their own in a different country. After the first two years, students still benefit from the support of specialist counselors, but will have more independent study time.

The result is accelerated learning and comprehension skills, and the development of self-confidence, which are the basis of academic success and a truly amazing life experience studying in the USA.

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Undergraduate Preparation Program
The Undergraduate Preparation Program is a specialized course designed to equip students with the skills needed for degree-level study in English, familiarizing them with the US higher education system and academic language.  Learn More >>

High School Completion Program
The High School Completion Program gives students aged 16+ a head start in their path to a US degree. The Program consists of a class-based University Preparation Program, plus academic subject modules delivered online in a monitored environment with a Kings facilitator.  Learn More >>

Graduate Preparation Program
The Graduate Preparation Program assists students in winning a place on a Masters at a leading US university. It prepares students fully for graduate level study, combining English with academic study skills. Test Preparation and a unique ‘Profile Builder’ program are also included.  Learn More >>


Marymount is committed to meeting students where they are academically and supporting their learning from the time they enter the University to graduation.