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At MCU, every student is a member of an academic society based on his or her major. MCU’s academic societies give you access to guest speakers in your field, special invitations to industry-related programs and events, and inter-society activities, excursions and competitions.

Iustitia Society

Major: Criminal Justice

Advisor: Anthony DiLeva

Veritas Society

Major: Multidisciplinary Studies

Advisor: Carlos Royal

Lux Society

Major: Digital Communication Media

Advisor: Yumi Kinoshita

Vita Society

Major: Biology

Advisor: Silvana Constantinescu

Servi Mundi Society

Major: Business

Advisor: Dave Tomblin

Cor Mariae Society

Major: Psychology

Advisor: Amy Lauer


Academic Societies Events Spring 2022

Academic Societies' Events Spring 2022 part 2

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