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Lead where you live

In addition to MCU’s clubs, student government, and volunteer and cultural opportunities, students who live in campus housing form lifelong friendships and enjoy a rich variety of social activities, such as:

  • Barbecues and luaus
  • Pep rallies
  • Dances
  • Casino nights
  • Movie nights
  • Dodgeball/basketball/volleyball tournaments
  • Game nights
  • Faculty-student dinners

Leadership opportunities

The Office of Residential Life guides students as they navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by community living experiences. Our office promotes student success by fostering a community that values equity, holistic development, inclusivity and well-being. With that comes opportunities for students to develop life and leadership skills while living in residence. You’ll learn how to support others and improve your own interpersonal relationships, organization and leadership on your journey toward a better you. And, earn a few bucks along the way!

Resident Assistant

A resident assistant (RA) is a live-in peer leader who facilitates a positive, safe and supportive community for the residents in student housing. RAs are the crucial link in creating an environment that helps students develop independence and learn to live cooperatively with others. As a premier student leadership experience, the RA position can be a great opportunity to build personal and professional skills that prepare graduates who are capable of communicating effectively, managing multiple priorities, resolving and managing conflict, and getting a head start in their chosen profession. To indicate your interest, please FILL OUT THIS FORM. For more information on how to apply, read our frequently asked questions below.

Frequently asked questions

Any student with a 2.5 GPA or higher who is in good standing with the university is eligible to be an RA.


Absolutely! This position is open to graduate and undergraduate students.

First, we ask that you fill out our interest form HERE. (form also linked in @mcu_villas bio). Interested students must enroll in the “Dynamics of Leadership” course held during the first half of spring 2022. This is an 8-week course that meets once a week. Space is limited, so enroll soon!

6 pm-7:40 pm

This one-unit course can count as an elective credit toward your degree. All students who enroll and successfully complete the class will be considered for the RA position. If offered the position, you will have the opportunity to accept or decline.

  • Learn how to build community with incoming and returning MCU students.
  • Learn how to work on a team with others who may have different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understand how gender, culture, diversity, multiculturalism and other identities affect a student
    leadership role.
  • Understand the importance of inclusion and the difference between equality and equity.
  • Learn your implicit and explicit biases and how to navigate these biases when working with students.
  • Learn the importance of professionalism and communication.

That’s okay! You will still receive one unit of credit (pending successful completion) and gain great leadership skills, which will help you in any field you decide to pursue in the future. You are not required to accept any offer you may receive. We recommend you enroll in the course, even if you are hesitant in applying. There is no harm in trying!

The term of your contract will be August 2022-May 2023. You will be expected to move into the Villas early August 2022, with training held through move-in weekend. Please note there are mandatory dates all RAs are required to work. Specific contract dates, training dates and other required dates will be announced during the leadership course. While we have the right to adjust the job requirements and responsibilities as needed, some of the academic-year duties will include the following:

  • Meet with your direct supervisor for one hour biweekly once a week for the first six weeks.
  • Attend a two-hour staff meeting once a week.
  • Work a two-hour “office hours” shift (primarily administrative tasks).
  • Fulfill being “on-duty” over the weekend (in rotation with others on your team). Average weekend duty is being on duty one weekend every 4-6 weeks. Frequency depends on team size.
  • Host four small-scale events for your community.
  • Post 1-2 passive events per semester (interactive, decorative posters).
  • Support large-scale events day-of (monthly commitment).
  • Handle additional monthly tasks (e.g., safety and wellness checks).
  • Handle additional semester tasks (e.g., Mariner Success Initiative survey).

Additionally, RAs are “on-duty” during holidays, winter break and spring break. We consider this a volunteer opportunity and may offer additional monetary compensation for some holiday breaks. However, some holiday coverage may be required if we do not recruit enough volunteers. Holidays would be rotated among the team if needed; holidays would be evenly and fairly distributed to the best of our abilities.

*Due to Covid-19, job duties and compensation are subject to change.* 

RAs receive free room for the academic year. This includes a single bedroom (no roommates) furnished with a full-sized bed and a dresser in a three-bedroom villa with 1-3 housemates. The three-bedroom villa features two full bathrooms, a fully furnished living room, gas stove, refrigerator, Wi-Fi, DirecTV, a one-car garage, a one-car driveway and a front and back porch. You can find more information on amenities (photos included) by clicking HERE or clicking the link in @mcu_villas bio.

*Due to Covid-19, job duties and compensation are subject to change.* 

The RA role can be a lot of work, but many students find the experience and skills they gain worth the effort. The pre-requisite course “Dynamics in Leadership” will provide more detail on what your responsibilities are and how to balance them. Additionally, you will have weekly/biweekly meetings with your supervisor who will support you every step of the way. 

Absolutely not true. We are looking to hire a diverse team with different personality types. There is no “cookie cutter” RA. We hire introverted individuals, extroverted individuals and everything in between.

Absolutely! Again, taking the “Dynamics of Leadership” course does not mean you are committing to the RA role. Enroll in the course to learn more, feel it out and decide from there. In the end, you will earn one unit and learn a lot about leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Suesue Eldanaf Walkwitz
Assistant Director of Residential Life

Suesue will answer any questions via email, phone or set up a Zoom/Teams call to chat. You may also request to meet with a current RA to hear about a personal experience as well. 

Office of Student Affairs
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