Living Learning Communities

MCU students at The Villas

Great minds think alike.

When you’re in a living learning community, you’re among others who share your passions and goals.

MCU’s living learning communities create a space for students with similar interests to live together and participate in programs that cater to their academic, social and personal growth. What’s cool about a living learning community is that you share at least one thing in common with everyone, but also bring your uniqueness to the group. You’ll meet people from all over the world, from different backgrounds, and with different thoughts and ideas.

Why should I choose a living learning community?

  • A smoother transition to college
  • A greater sense of community
  • Exciting activities that relate to your interests
  • Greater academic success
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Lifelong friendships
  • A better college experience

Apply as part of your housing application.

Living Learning Communities

The Honors LLC provides students who share an eagerness for learning and intellectual ambition with a bridge between the residential experience and the academic pursuits of the MCU Honors Program. Living in the same residence makes it easy to find friends to collaborate on projects, proofread a paper, or simply watch a movie and relax. Residents must be admitted to the MCU Honors Program.

The Gaming LLC provides a hub for students who share a passion for casual and competitive gaming in an accepting and friendly atmosphere. Lovers of video games, tabletop games, trading card games, deck-building games and role-playing games are welcome and encouraged to apply. Find commonality with each other as you play, strategize and plan gaming activities for each other and for the campus community.

Leadership skills are important on and off the field. A collaboration between MCU Athletics and Residential Life, the Athletic Leadership LLC creates an experience for goal-oriented student athletes who want to develop the traits of effective leaders and build their leadership competencies. You’ll come to understand what it takes to inspire people to reach shared goals and experience success as a team, in the company of fellow athletes.  

Do you have the next big idea? Is Shark Tank your favorite TV show? The Entrepreneur LLC might be the place for you. Come live with students who are creative and willing to take risks and who embrace a similar innovative drive and desire to tackle problems, big or small.