MCU Condemns Anti-Asian Racism and Xenophobia

yin yang

Over the past few weeks, our country has experienced a disturbing increase in anti-Asian hatred and violent attacks. These attacks have resulted in grave injuries and even the death of innocent members of Asian communities. Marymount California University strongly condemns these acts of violence and brutality.

Historically in the United States, there have been examples of Asian discrimination and bias, including the Chinese Exclusion Act, the imprisonment of innocent Japanese Americans in internment camps during WWII, and the Alien Land Law first passed in California in 1913 which banned Asian immigrants from owning property. The recent displays of bias and ignorance have been heightened due to racial connotations associated with the origin and spread of COVID-19. We should stand firm against racial stereotypes and any acts of hate. Since 2020, more than 2,800 incidents of discrimination and violence against the Asian and Pacific Islander communities have been reported.

We now see hundreds of admirable people across America volunteering to escort elderly Asian Americans  to keep them safe during routine outings. This grassroots support for our fellow human beings is also growing at MCU, as our student leaders have formed a new Asian and Pacific Islander Student Association (APISA).

APISA is dedicated to embracing and celebrating the identity, heritage, and culture of all those who identify as Asian, Pacific Islander, Asian American, and Pacific Islander American. APISA seeks to provide an opportunity for our community to come together and support one another. To continue conversations regarding compassion and appreciation for one another, APISA invites you to their inaugural student-hosted event on Tuesday, March 16, 5pm – 6:30pm, “A Discussion on Stopping Anti-Asian and Anti-Pacific Islander Hate”. Details on how to join the virtual event will be available on the university events webpage and in forthcoming communications.

If you feel you have been a victim of discrimination, racism, bullying, violence, or any other forms of harassment, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at or 310-303-7225. You can also contact the Student Wellness Center at or 310-303-7244 or Campus Safety at or 310-303-7300.

Marymount California University is committed to upholding standards that promote integrity, respect for human dignity and commitment to justice in an environment fostering learning, professionalism, diversity, and inclusion. We continue to do this through the work of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and in collaboration with other campus entities.