MCU Stands Firmly with International Students in Face of ICE Announcement

international flags at Marymount California

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced this week a sudden and unexpected change in policy affecting international students studying at universities across the nation. The announcement indicated that international students on F-1 visas would be required to leave the United States if they were taking classes entirely online. It also raises questions about whether international students who are in their home countries would be permitted to pursue remote online programs from American universities that were offering in-person or hybrid instruction.

The announced changes are not well explained and put undue pressure on international students without serving any clear policy objective. This new guidance comes just weeks before schools prepare to re-open for a new academic year, undermining our ability to provide continuity in instruction for international students and ignoring the realities that colleges and universities are facing in trying to adjust to a constantly changing landscape amid a public health crisis.

Marymount stands firmly with our international students, recognizing we are a stronger institution because of you and the unique contributions you bring that enrich us all and remain vital to our mission.

MCU is committed to working on solutions that minimize the impact for our international students. We are hopeful that our students will not have their studies disrupted as we expect to offer courses both in person and online. We understand that you have many time-sensitive decisions and will update you with more details and options soon.