Christmas: A Time of Peace, Joy and Love

Nativity scene

For some, Christmas is a happy time of decorations, Christmas trees, shopping, parties, fun, good meals and many, many socials.

But besides the obvious, what is it for us who are Christians and work or study at a Catholic university?

We do not get to Christmas day overnight. For us it is a time of expectation and a time of peace, joy and love as we proceed through Advent, the preparation of Christmas.

Christmas is a love story par excellence. Why? Because it is the beginning of that love story. Let us recall for a few minutes what we know of this love story.

Christ Jesus was incarnate in the Blessed Virgin Mary … out of LOVE

He became man and lived among us … out of LOVE

He cured the sick and made the blind see … out of LOVE

He cleansed the lepers and pardoned the sinners … out of LOVE

He multiplied the loaves and fed the hungry … out of LOVE 

He resurrected the dead …out of LOVE    

He got arrested, was judged and condemned to death … out of LOVE

He carried his cross, was nailed on it and died for us … out of LOVE

And in so doing, He redeemed us. We then became children of God with the promise of everlasting life in God’s kingdom.

To me, the message of Christmas is LOVE, and this is what is asked of each one of us: “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.”

My wish for all of us is to share our love, our support, our appreciation and understanding with each other in the hope of building up a better world.

Merry Christmas and God’s chosen blessings on each one of you!

This devotional was contributed by Sister Antoine-Marie Baurier.