Anthony DiLeva, MS

Anthony DiLeva headshot

Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

Anthony Dileva received his Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice in 2006 from California State University, Long Beach, which is also where he completed his undergraduate work.  His master’s thesis was a historical tracing of the Sicilian Cosa Nostraʼs criminal brotherhood and its effect on American organized crime.

DiLeva currently teaches a variety of criminal justice courses at MCU. He also has taught criminal justice, ethics and some business courses to a diverse group of students for Alta Colleges, ITT Orange and National University. He began his teaching career in 2007, while working as a deputy sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department (LASD).

DiLeva has more than 20 years of dedicated professional experience with the LASD as a deputy sheriff.  The majority of his service years were spent in the Los Angeles Superior Court system in a variety of law enforcement capacities. He possesses a great deal of experience and knowledge in regards to the law and the judicial system. His experience includes supervising, scheduling, organizing daily agendas and delegating daily responsibilities.  His skills also include the ability to digest complex material, overcome “stale-mates” and initiate resolutions. He always is willing to accept challenges with self-confidence, and has received several letters of commendation during his tenure with the LASD.

DiLeva lives in Rancho Palos Verdes with his wife of 25 years, Kimberly, and their two children Nickolas, 18, and Makayla, 13. He and his wife also own and operate C’e La Luna Hair Salon and Spa, a thriving small business, which they established together in 1995. A long-time volunteer, DiLeva has coached both boys and girls basketball from the youth level up through the high school level for the past 30 years.