Sustaining a Culture of Learning & Achievement

Sustaining a culture of student achievement hero

MCU is committed to a culture of institutional learning and quality assurance.  Quality assurance processes are in place at the course, program and institutional level with regular assessment, review of data, program review, academic policies and professional development.  Faculty are deeply engaged in program development, assessment of student learning and program review. Department Chairs are supported by the Institutional Research office to monitor student success and program effectiveness data. All share the institution’s commitment to program quality, relevance and improvement.  This commitment is further codified and reinforced through institutional policies and the faculty evaluation protocol.

The University continuously strives for excellence in the following areas:

Program Development

  • polygonNew academic program and course proposals are reviewed by the Curriculum Development and Review Committee
  • polygonCourse syllabi incorporate required information laid out in a master syllabus template maintained by the Assistant Dean of Curriculum
  • polygonOnline courses are developed according to the Online Course Development checklist and overseen by the Assistant Dean for Information Resources

Regular Assessment and Program Review

  • polygonAssessment of Program Learning Outcomes in designated courses
  • polygonAssessment of Core Competencies according to approved rubrics
  • polygonAssessment is formally recognized in faculty evaluation
  • polygonOnline courses monitored to adhere to Online Delivery Policy
  • polygonAnnual Reports prepared by the Program Chair and reviewed at Provost’s Council
  • polygonCyclical Program Review

Student Role

  • polygonAcademic Integrity Policy
  • polygonCourse Evaluations
  • polygonStudent Surveys

Faculty Development

  • polygonFaculty class visitations and peer feedback
  • polygonAnnual self-assessments and Chair feedback
  • polygonAnnual Professional Development Plan with Chair feedback
  • polygonIn-house training and workshops
  • polygonFaculty Senate Teaching & Learning Committee
  • polygonProfessional development budget to fund approved conference participation
  • polygonSabbaticals

Example of “Closing the Loop”: Making use of assessment findings.

MCU - making use of assessment findings