Meet Sean

Sean Mostero

BA 2013, MBA 2016




Examination of Dynamic Withdrawal Strategies from Retirement Portfolios


San Pedro Business Source

After Graduation

Malaga Bank
Alessandra Capital Management

Sean Mostero earned his BA in Business in 2013 and his MBA in 2016. During the senior year of his undergraduate studies, Sean was an intern at the San Pedro Business Source. This internship provided him with the opportunity to apply what he was learning in the classroom while gaining real world experience. After receiving his undergraduate degree, Sean took a full-time position at Malaga Bank. After working in Retail Banking for just shy of a year, Sean returned to Marymount in pursuit of his MBA.

During his first semester as a graduate student, Sean was introduced to Greg Alessandra, the owner of Alessandra Capital Management, a firm which offers Portfolio Management & Financial Planning Services in Rolling Hills Estates. An internship position was created for Sean. Following his graduation from Marymount’s MBA program, Sean’s internship developed into a rapidly advancing career in the financial services industry. He has recently passed his Series 7 Securities exam and is pursuing a credential as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner.

What Sean appreciated most about MCU were the small class sizes which allowed him to form close relationships with Marymount’s faculty members and the professors who brought real-world experience into the classrooms.

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