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Campus and student organizations are an integral part of the Marymount California University community. They provide students with a variety of opportunities to explore their academic, professional, political, social, cultural, recreational, spiritual and service interests. Through involvement in organizations, students are able to develop interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills. Any group of students may organize a student organization or program, provided the goals and activities are consistent with the mission of the University. The different organizations or programs sponsored by students vary from semester to semester depending upon the interests of the students.


The Anchor

Advisor: Yumi Kinoshita

Mariner Radio is a student led community radio show seeking to provide entertainment for students in which students are able to keep up with the latest music, campus events and explore a range of local and world news and its relevance to college life.

Black Student Union

Advisor: Carlos Royal

To serve and connect the Marymount California University community under the unity and community building of this organization. To educate the community on African American/Black Students on campus and enhancing and encouraging pride with the MCU community.

COR (Christian Outreach and Renewal)

Advisor: Mark Villano

COR (the Latin word for “heart”) exists to help members of the Marymount community to discover and deepen their spirituality.

The purpose of COR is: to provide opportunities to develop spiritual and religious maturity; to open avenues for transforming the heart, mind, and soul of each individual according to their own creed; and to empower our student body to become agents of change and service to our community and society. Although COR is a Christian-inspired organization, it welcomes all members of the community regardless of religious background and supports them in their own spiritual journey. COR also exists to be supportive of all the activities and events of the office of Campus Ministry. COR seeks to be the heart, the core, of Marymount California University.

Drama Club

Advisor: Greg Levonian

A student-run organization that focuses on supporting Marymount students in their performing arts endeavors through onstage and backstage training as well as hosting performances. Drama Club aims to develop students’ theatre knowledge and acting skills while celebrating the theatre arts of MCU.

First Generation College Student Organization (1GCSO)

Advisor: Osmara Reyes-Osorio

The purpose/mission of 1GSCSO shall be devoted to helping students navigate through the university experience from beginning and beyond.

The Green Club

Advisor: Duncan Earle

The purpose/mission of The Green Club is to act as a medium for those wishing to participate in acts of conservation and sustainability, on a local, national, and global level.

Journalism Club

Advisor: Patrick McMahon

A student-run group with the primary goal of creating and publishing student-made content and articles via an online newspaper. The main purpose of the group is giving its members a medium through which they can express their thoughts and ideas in order to reach other people. The content will mainly be aimed towards the members of the MCU community with an attempt to expand the amount and variety of information directly available to them.

Latinos Unidos

Advisor: Angelica Lopez

To create awareness and educate the MCU community about Latino Culture and heritage. To serve the community in the Marymount tradition, encourage pride for both Latinos in the MCU community, but as well just for MCU in general.

Marymount Community Leaders

Advisor: Meshach Puerto

The purpose of this organization shall be to cultivate service and school spirit in the Marymount community as well as our neighboring community while fostering leadership ability in its members.

Marymount Nova Enactus Organization

Advisor: Cal Caswell

The Marymount California University’s Enactus exists to provide MCU students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the effective development and implementation of social entrepreneurship. Our mission is four fold. First, Nova Enactus seeks to instill itself deep into MCU’s fabric as a student organization, as an active link between participating students and communities, local and abroad. Second, this organization wishes to provide encouragement and practice in effectively applying skills related to social entrepreneurship so as to enhance opportunities for college students and the community by actively involving students in efforts to establish positive lasting, sustainable changes to contend with social issues. Third, participation will be encouraged as a viable means of providing an enriching and educational experience. As well, it will provide practice and encouragement to further nurture skills in social entrepreneurship. In turn, this will provide access to the service(s) offered by Nova Enactus to participants such as the Mentor Initiative, in which elder students will take on younger students to teach them the meaning of being a Mariner, being a social entrepreneur, and being altruistic.

Fourth, it is the hope of this organization that students will learn and be inspired to build careers in this field, should it be within their ability to do so. That while they make powerful changes in the communities—at home and abroad—they make even greater changes in the world and, in turn, serve to foster and inspire others to continue these works for the betterment of all.

Marymount Pride (LGBT + Club)

Advisor: BJ Taylor

To provide an atmosphere for LGBT students and allies to socialize and come together in a safe environment. We also want to bring students e generally in order to build a sense of pride for the school.

Peer Health Education Society

Advisor: Osmara Reyes-Osorio

To educate the Marymount community about the dangers of unhealthy choices and to help students live happier healthier lives by providing tools and resources. The reason for the formation of the Peer Health Education Society is to create an environment of learning and trust to address individual and community responses to alcohol, drugs, and other health related issues that students of Marymount California University may encounter while attending the University. By integrating comprehensive findings about alcohol, drugs and other health related issues with frank and open dialogue we develop strong cohesive partnerships on campus and in the community. We are committed to a balanced approach that applies best practices while promoting a healthy campus and community environment. 

Psychology Club

Kevin Kaeochinda

Our purpose shall be to promote the study and research of psychology and provide educational enrichment, mental health, and social service to the community and members.

Rotaract Club

Advisor: David Tomblin

The purpose of Rotaract is to provide an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

Society for Advancement of Management (SAM).

Advisor: Cal Caswell

The Marymount California University’s SAM exists to provide MCU students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the effective management small, medium-sized, major organizations, and the people dedicated to those organizations. Our mission is to provide a link between business management professionals and education, enhancing opportunities for college students and the community by sponsoring guest speakers, seminars, and special events.

STEM Club/ Vita Society

Advisor: John Alexander

To unite all students with an interest in life sciences. To provide opportunities for volunteering and spending internship.

Student Veteran Organization

Advisor: Cody Gauthier 

The purpose/mission of the Marymount Student Veteran Organization shall be to build a friendly, open, and inclusive environment for Veterans, dependents, and any student that is a firm supporter of the Armed Forces of America. The Marymount Student Veteran Organization also will provide tools, training, and assistance to any Marymount California University Veteran or member of the Marymount Student Veteran Organization.

Women United

Advisor: Kimberly Hernandez

The purpose of this organization is to educate and empower women to address the gender inequalities in today’s society and to work towards change in the treatment of women and girls. We shall raise awareness about body image; self-esteem issues, feminism, and violence against women.