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Study Abroad at Marumount California

“He who is outside his door has the hardest part of his journey behind him.”

– Dutch Proverb


Taking the first step to engage in the global community, to step outside of what you know, what is comfortable can be the toughest, yet most rewarding step you will ever take. The Office of International Services is here to guide and support you through the process.

Marymount California University’s Study Abroad Programs and Faculty-Led Travel Courses allow students to develop fresh perspectives on international political, economic and social issues, interpersonal relationships and can, in many ways, help develop the skills necessary to land your dream job!

Students return from their study abroad experiences with more self-confidence, greater intellectual maturity, a stronger sense of independence and responsibility, and an appreciation for their own culture as well as that of others. It is a truly transformative experience.

MCU has partnered with some of the most well known Universities abroad to offer a wide range of locations and experiences to meet your desires and academic goals. Check out MCU’s offerings, and what students from around the world have said about these Study Abroad Program Locations, via the Abroad 101 listing to the right of your screen. We’re adding new programs and locations all the time, so check back to see the latest offering!

Study Abroad FAQs

Yes. You must have at least a 2.5 GPA (individual program GPA requirements may be higher) and have completed 60 units – junior status. You must also have a clear judicial record at MCU.

While individual students’ costs may vary per program, you can expect to pay the standard MCU tuition for your semester abroad. It is not only encouraged, but also required that you meet with the Office of Financial Aid before applying directly to your chosen destination to discuss how your award package for the semester may be affected.

Applying for a semester abroad has two steps.

  1. Apply to be approved to study abroad with MCU,
  2. And then, once approved by MCU, apply directly to your Study Abroad Program Location.

Each of those applications have several mini-steps, but the Office of International Services is here to help you through it all! Stop by TDW 209 to make an appointment.

But to start the process, fill out the interest form and someone from the Office of International Services will be in touch with you!

Application Deadlines

  • For a Fall Semester Abroad: MCU Application Due March 1st.
  • For a Spring Semester Abroad: MCU Application Due September 15th.

Specific Study Abroad Program Location application deadlines vary.

Study Abroad

International Services

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Director of International Services
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